Cork Penny Dinners

#page { max-width: 1038px; } .inner-wrap { width: 978px; } When you donate to Cork Penny Dinners, you can be assured that every cent goes where it is needed - to the needy people who avail of our service. None of our Volunteers or Committee are paid nor do they receive any expenses.
Penny Dinners is one of Cork's oldest caring organisations. Our aim is a simple one - to give everyone who calls to our Centre a hot nourishing midday meal. In addition, our clients get sandwiches and fruit to take away as an evening meal. There's an open door and a warm welcome. We never judge, we serve. We are open 7 days a week all year including Christmas Day.

About us

The aim is to provide a warm, dry place to sit and eat, with a welcoming atmosphere, no questions asked, no judgements made. Regardless of ability to pay, all are welcomed with courtesy. [more]

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Our bank details: The Ulster Bank, 88 Patrick St, Cork.
IBAN: IE62 ULSB 9854 8010 9275 81
Donations may be eligible for tax relief. contact us for more information. Company? Be a sponsor!